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NOTICE: Dr. Toups will be away in Thailand and working on writing projects 3/14/18 - 4/3/18. Please contact your Primary Care Provider if anything urgent arises while she is gone. Our Patient Coordinator, Colleen, will be monitoring the portal for non-medical questions. She can help send records to your PCP if needed. Dr. Toups will have very limited availability during this time-frame. 

Please plan ahead for any prescription refills that you might need.

Thanks for your understanding.


Thorne supplements are no longer available on Natural Partners/NP Scripts. We have set up a special account so you can order directly through Thorne. Shipping is free.  


We closed the practice to new patients in early December, but due to this travel, the schedule is booked out until mid-May. Please request future appointments ASAP, and let us know if you would like to be on the waitlist for earlier cancellations. 


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