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Thorne supplements are no longer available on Natural Partners/NP Scripts. We have set up a special account so you can order directly through Thorne. Shipping is free.  


Please read this Policy pertaining to Secure Messages through the Portal:


There is generally no fee for Portal Messages with a Patient Coordinator. We want to be able to give you support for your general questions, but clinical issues requiring MD time will be subject to billing.


The Patient Coordinator will monitor the Portal messages (at least once a day during the workweek). We endeavor to respond to Portal messages within 2 to 3 work days. Portal messages are generally not monitored on the weekends. Please do not use the portal for emergencies.


If your question requires more than a brief clarification that Patient Coordinator can ask Dr. Toups about, she will ask that you schedule an appointment or phone consultation. These can be more cost-effective than having Dr. Toups respond to lengthy or involved portal messages


All Portal messages requiring MD input will incur a minimum $25 basic fee, and time consuming messages may incur additional charges based on the time needed to address the message. Thanks for your understanding.


Note: Questions about new issues, ordering or interpreting lab tests, supplement changes, prescription refills, etc are best addressed during an appointment. Good Medicine cannot be practiced thoughtfully via the Portal. Your cooperation with this is much appreciated!


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